dallas family photographer

 Your family session is one of the most important stories during your season of family-hood. Documenting these moments while drastic growing and changing is taking place from year to year, will forever stay in your heart.

In even 5 years everything will have changed. Things will again never be as they are right now. 

This year make it a priority to document your family and tell your beautiful story as it is right now. 

Perfect, messy, fun, and undeniably you. 

sarah has been named

One of the top family photographers in the country by the Looks like Film Organization.

Her work represents true to life emotion and color, raw subject matter, and all the love your heart can stand.



“Sarah was so great to work with. As a photographer I am used to being behind the camera. I feel so awkward usually being in front. Sarah made the shoot so fun and easy.”

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